The Benefits of Professional Food Photography

by Craig Hickey

The benefits of professional food photography are vast and should not be overlooked by businesses in the food industry.

You might be a Michelin starred restaurant, city centre bistro or village takeaway but the benefits remain the same.

Food photography showcases your products and dishes for all to see. Enticing images make it easier for the consumer to decide whether they will eat in your establishment, or not.

What better way to encourage custom than with mouth-watering food photography, because as the saying goes, people “eat with their eyes”. And as with all retail eateries, isn’t there an opinion that if it looks good, it must taste good too?

Have you ever been food shopping on an empty stomach? Food imagery seems somewhat more persuasive when hungry and therefore, consumers end up buying more because they like what they see.

Food Photography Entices New Custom


The benefits of professional food photography, not only entices customers but can also give you the edge over competitors. The vibrancy and appeal of delectable food imagery, sells your dishes, thus increasing sales and profits. What’s more, choosing high margin dishes, will inevitably increase this even further.

Gaining the attention of new custom with aesthetically pleasing menus, is half the battle in getting people through your door.

Professional food photography, isn’t just for menus though; food images can be used for websites, on packaging and in advertisements.

The Benefits of Professional Food Photography Abroad


How many of us have been abroad and looked at a menu that we do not understand? OK, there’s probably an English translation as other cultures eat differently, but how do we know we’ll like it? This is another of the benefits of professional food photography, one I’m sure you’ll have benefited from yourself.

Appealing images of unfamiliar dishes, almost gives us peace of mind that we are ordering the right thing.

As I’ve said before, the benefits of professional food photography, far outweigh the cost for businesses large and small.

Professional food imagery should therefore, be seen as an investment and not as an overhead! Does that give you food for thought?

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