by Craig Hickey

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Professional packshots are undoubtedly the product photography choice for the budget conscious. Images are taken on a pure white background and focus solely on the product itself.

Image effects can add to these simplistic shots, using lighting to create shadowing or reflection, for that added professional finish.

The Difference between Professional Packshots and Product Photography

Packshot photography is worlds apart from more complex product imagery, in more ways than one.

Firstly, packshots keep images simple. There is no styling involved and none of the added props you would see in persuasive product imagery. Therefore, costs are kept to a minimum, as is time.

Quick, simple and cost efficient, professional packshots work hard for your brand and products. They act by giving consumers an impression of quality and therefore, peace of mind, without the need for creative artistry.

Impact on Sales

We see professional packshots across many ecommerce websites such as supermarkets, sport shops, beauty and clothing retailers. These are generally sellers who have large product quantities that need showcasing and packshots are therefore, the affordable photography option. They are also ideal for sellers using sites such as Amazon and Ebay, as their selling platforms.

When considering the impact packshots have on ecommerce sales, consider this. Have you ever purchased a product where there is no image available? It’s highly likely that you haven’t. In order to achieve sales, the consumer wants to see what they are buying; safe in the knowledge that they’ll receive exactly what the image shows. Even the colours appear precise and the text legible in a professional packshot. What you see, is what you get!

Editing Packshots

Editing is less time consuming, simply ensuring the background is perfectly white, erasing out any slight imperfections like dust particles.

We opt for a white acrylic board as a simple but effective background for our professional packshots.

Whatever your needs, you can be certain that Fraction Corporate Photography are the go to photographer for product imagery.

For more information on our professional packshots service, give us a call or drop us a message and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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