Professional Packshot Shoe Photography

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You probably already know by now that clean, sharp and well lit professional packshot shoe photography can go a long way when it comes to selling your shoes online. It’s also equally important that your customers have a positive shopping experience when browsing your website. Blurry, poorly-lit, out of focus shoe images may well scare your new potential customers away…for good! At Fraction Corporate Photography, we supply great images your website deserves using professional lighting, professional camera equipment and years of experience. Once you pop your newly polished images onto your website, they will give it that visual boost making it look more professional and your products will start to sell themselves!

How It All Works/The Process

Step 1

Get in touch! Fill in our contact form or give us a call, were here to help. We’ll need to know some basic info, for example, how many pictures per shoe (front, side, heal) what shoes you have (sandals, boots, children’s shoes etc) how many shoes you have, any type of style or vision you have, would you like a reflection of the shoe, shadow or just a plain, clean image. If you are unsure we can help and show you examples.

Step 2

Send your shoes! You can either drop them off yourself if you are local or send via a courier. Once we receive them we’ll let you know they have arrived safe and sound. 

Step 3

The magic happens! We’ll inspect the shoes, give them a clean up if needed removing any dust/dirt so they are looking their best. Then a lighting setup will be configured to show your shoes in the best light possible (lighting is everything in photography!). Sample shots will be taken and sent to you to confirm we are still on brief. Once we have the thumbs up, the rest of the shoes will be completed.

Step 4

Editing! The images have been captured and your shoes packed back away nicely. Its now time to edit the shoes to give them the final make-over so they look amazing for your website. We’ll colour match, sharpen, get ride of minor blemishes and cut out and place on a pure white background (other backgrounds available). From there your images are named, filed and exported to your liking making it clear and easy for your web tech to upload onto your website.

Step 5

Shoes are sent back! Now the job has been completed, for new clients we like to send the images over straight away before we send the shoes back. This way you get to go through the images and make sure you are completely happy with everything. In the unlikely event we have got something wrong, we still have the shoes so we can correct any errors straight away. Once you are happy, the shoes are then sent back the next working day the same way…you can collect or a courier is arranged.

Examples Of A Shoe With Shadow Or Reflection

shoe with shadow
Shoe With Shadow
shoe with reflection
Shoe With Reflection

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    With Or Without A Reflection?

    With Or Without A Shadow?

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